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Why our instagram private profile viewer is the best

Let’s get straight to the numbers, we have made over 3 million users of our online tool satisfied with their results with a 95% success rate. The success rate could be a lot higher if the user entered a valid instagram username. Our team at Kill On Sight are online 24/7 to ensure you get the best customer service and support you need to troubleshoot any issues until you can successfully use our private instagram viewer.

We did it! We cracked the code, you can know navigate through photos and videos of a private instagram account.

Generate a list of followers

There’s no limit to our gadget; generate and export a list of all of the target’s instagram to your local device. Your format of choice is also optional, csv or txt.

View or download the user’s photos & videos

When an instagram account is set to private you can only see 3 things, the profile picture, the number of person that person followers and the number of persons that follows that person. You can’t see anything else, not even the bio. Now with our instagram private profile viewer you can! You can see comments, likes, direct messages, followers, following, photos and videos within a few minutes! We’ve made it simple for you…we made it happen.

**New!** Download Instagram Stories and export Direct messages!

You’ll be granted access to the direct messages channel where you’ll be able to read/view all the content linked to the account which was popularly requested by spies who use our tool. You can export this to your local device (mobile or desktop) for later viewing or personal safe keeping.

How to use this private instagram viewer

Our tool is very user friendly and shows you exactly how to access/bypass private instagram accounts without following them. The snippets of intructions are pops up on the screen as you go along.

Instagram Private Profile Viewer Information Hub(FAQS)

1. Does this tool let the user know their account is being bypassed?

Absolutely not. In fact, our tool uses a discrete and anonymous algorithm VPN so there’s no trace or signal that there’s profile is being unlocked and viewed.

2. Is this tool download-able?

No. We decided to keep this tool online based as we update frequently to keep this method undetected and spam free. An ocassional human verification may be needed to prevent bots from spamming our tool.

3. Is there a limit for the day how much instagram profiles I can unlock?

No there isn’t. As a normal user however, we do not expect you to be unlocking more than 100 accounts per day. This is where our human verification system comes into play to ensure you’re not a bot, we’ve been encountering quite a lot lately. I suggest waiting 10-15 minutes between each unlock however.

4. Will I be able to see direct messages?

Absolutely. We’ve recently released this feature and it’s currently online and in beta testing. If you bump into any issues with this aspect of the tool, please feel free to contact us so we can do it for you.

5. How long does this app take to work?

On average it takes less than 10 minutes to unlock the target’s account depending on various factors. i.e the size/quantity of the target’s photos, the age of the private instagram account, how long the account has been private for. The size of the followers, the status of the victim’s profile(deactivated or not) and also the size of the direct messages thread.

6. Is this tool free?

This tool is free to use and is the best instagram private profile viewer out to date as it beats our competitors in speed, reliability and efficiently.

7. Can these pictures be saved?

Every detail we scrape from the target’s profile can be saved and viewed at any time. The photos can be readily viewed on mobile, PC and laptops.

8. Can this work on any profile?

Yes this works on every single user. Both private and public accounts, old or new. This is why our success rate is so high. If you ever stumble into any issues please contact us and we will rectify the error/issue within 24 hours!

9. Does this work if I’m blocked?

Yes it does. It doesn’t matter if you were blocked or not because we do not need your own instagram account to unlock the target’s own. The method of decrypting the account is independent of your account.

10. I am having issues viewing the profile but I can download it. Why?

We strongly recommend using the following browsers: Opera, Safari, Firefox, or Chrome. Our website isn’t affiliated with instagram.