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Why our instagram private profile viewer is the best

Let’s get straight to the numbers, we have made over 3 million users of our online tool satisfied with their results with a 95% success rate. The success rate could be a lot higher if the user entered a valid instagram username. Our team at Kill On Sight are online 24/7 to ensure you get the best customer service and support you need to troubleshoot any issues until you can successfully use our private instagram viewer.

We did it! We cracked the code, you can know navigate through photos and videos of a private instagram account.

Generate a list of followers

There’s no limit to our gadget; generate and export a list of all of the target’s instagram to your local device. Your format of choice is also optional, csv or txt.

View or download the user’s photos & videos

When an instagram account is set to private you can only see 3 things, the profile picture, the number of person that person followers and the number of persons that follows that person. You can’t see anything else, not even the bio. Now with our instagram private profile viewer you can! You can see comments, likes, direct messages, followers, following, photos and videos within a few minutes! We’ve made it simple for you…we made it happen.

**New!** Download Instagram Stories and export Direct messages!

You’ll be granted access to the direct messages channel where you’ll be able to read/view all the content linked to the account which was popularly requested by spies who use our tool. You can export this to your local device (mobile or desktop) for later viewing or personal safe keeping.

How to use this private instagram viewer

Our tool is very user friendly and shows you exactly how to access/bypass private instagram accounts without following them. The snippets of intructions are pops up on the screen as you go along.

Instagram Private Profile Viewer Information Hub(FAQS)

1. Does this tool let the user know their account is being bypassed?

Absolutely not. In fact, our tool uses a discrete and anonymous algorithm VPN so there’s no trace or signal that there’s profile is being unlocked and viewed.

2. Is this tool download-able?

No. We decided to keep this tool online based as we update frequently to keep this method undetected and spam free. An ocassional human verification may be needed to prevent bots from spamming our tool.

3. Is there a limit for the day how much instagram profiles I can unlock?

No there isn’t. As a normal user however, we do not expect you to be unlocking more than 100 accounts per day. This is where our human verification system comes into play to ensure you’re not a bot, we’ve been encountering quite a lot lately. I suggest waiting 10-15 minutes between each unlock however.

4. Will I be able to see direct messages?

Absolutely. We’ve recently released this feature and it’s currently online and in beta testing. If you bump into any issues with this aspect of the tool, please feel free to contact us so we can do it for you.

5. How long does this app take to work?

On average it takes less than 10 minutes to unlock the target’s account depending on various factors. i.e the size/quantity of the target’s photos, the age of the private instagram account, how long the account has been private for. The size of the followers, the status of the victim’s profile(deactivated or not) and also the size of the direct messages thread.

6. Is this tool free?

This tool is free to use and is the best instagram private profile viewer out to date as it beats our competitors in speed, reliability and efficiently.

7. Can these pictures be saved?

Every detail we scrape from the target’s profile can be saved and viewed at any time. The photos can be readily viewed on mobile, PC and laptops.

8. Can this work on any profile?

Yes this works on every single user. Both private and public accounts, old or new. This is why our success rate is so high. If you ever stumble into any issues please contact us and we will rectify the error/issue within 24 hours!

9. Does this work if I’m blocked?

Yes it does. It doesn’t matter if you were blocked or not because we do not need your own instagram account to unlock the target’s own. The method of decrypting the account is independent of your account.

10. I am having issues viewing the profile but I can download it. Why?

We strongly recommend using the following browsers: Opera, Safari, Firefox, or Chrome. Our website isn’t affiliated with instagram.

Clash of Royale Hack – Unlimited Gems & Gold

Clash of Royale Hack
– Become Master of Clash of Royale

Looking for a clash royale hack to excel in your performance and play the game like a champ! Well, buddy, you are at right place, and this is the best
hack for clash of Royale that you can find on
the internet. Whether you are looking for clash royale cheats or
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here. This game is one of the most popular Android-based
mobile game that has been in popularity since it initialization. It is simple,
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So, if you are tired of earning gems and coins to max out your troops, nothing
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What are you waiting for! Have a look at this clash royale cheats.

Rising To the Fame

Among many other games available in Google play store, one of the most famous game is Clash of
Royale. Supercell has come up with this
game back in 2nd March of 2016,
and since then more and more gamers are attracting towards this each day, and thus the clash royale cheats
are in high demand. With
intuitive yet straightforward game-play
Clash of Royale is famous among every game enthusiast. Though the game is easy, it requires a lot of times and strategy
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your time and wish to cannonball your opponent with your maxed out
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Who Need This Clash Royale Cheat?

Are you in dilemmas that whether you need the
clash royale hack or not! Well, let me be clear, though the Clash Royale game
is pretty easy to play but to become pro
gamers all of your troops need to be upgraded
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So, what’s your take? Are my words making your
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the facts how you can use this cheat, but
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Why This Clash Royale Hack Is the Best

Whenever you search for clash royale cheat coins stars on the internet,
there will be tons of clash royale hack that are none of your use. They claim to be useful but does nothing but this
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How to Use the Clash Royale Cheat

Using the clash royale hack is as easy as sleeping. Steps to use this clash
royale cheat is mentioned below.

Click on the clash royale hack button below

Now you will be asked for the user id. Insert your user ID for the clash
royale hack

Next step is selecting your device. Select the device from the drop-down list that you use to play the game

The most lucrative part; how many gem and gold coin do you want! Fill in
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clash royale hack

Hit the generate button, and clash
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Waiting! Waiting! Give clash royale hack some time, and within few minutes a pop up will appear

You have to complete 2 surveys
among the options given to complete the clash royale hack

Once you are done with the surveys, sign out from your gaming account in
Clash Royale and sign in again to let the
clash royale hack complete its task

Hurrah! You are
done. Using the clash royale hack, now
you have enough gold and gems to buy whatever card you want and upgrade
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Design Home Hack – Diamond and Cash Cheats

Love to decorating? Or, on the other hand, need to be an inside designer? Crowdstar Inc has the appropriate response to their Design Home game. On the off chance that you were continually imagining about creating amazing, delightful insides for your astounding home, you would now be able to breathe life into your design thought with this outwardly staggering 3D encounter game.

There is a huge number of design and inside the stylistic theme, darlings to find in the competition, shop things you adore, brighten beautiful rooms and get perceived for your innovativeness. In any case, shockingly, to purchase the things or stylistic layout it is not shabby, illustration if you join a test and need to buy things that match with the room it roughly cost you more than 10k money or precious stones. So we are here need to deal with this issue with our Design Home Hack Tool that can produce up to a million money and jewel for nothing.

This Design Home Hack apparatus is just for the individuals who sign in with Facebook. So we just require your Facebook URL or username (ex: or Zuck) to access Crowdstar database and alter the estimation of precious stone and money of your record. For you who play with Account which implies just spare the advance on the gadget, we recommend you to download our design home modded app file.

Design Home Hack: Unlimited Diamond and Cash

Design Home hack evidence

Snap catch underneath to continue

The most efficient method to utilize online generator:

*Open the generator by tapping on ‘Hack it now’ catch above

*Write down your Facebook URL ( or just username (Zuck)

*Set measure of precious stone and money to produce

*Click on Generate catch

*Follow a few directions there

Design Home Cheats Diamond and Cash

The most efficient method to introduce modded apk:

*Uninstall Design Home game from your gadget

*Restart your gadget

*Install the modded apk

Designing or decorating can express our one of a kind design style by utilizing stylistic theme and furniture things. From genuine, top of the line brands to get a lovely design and furthermore photograph practical insides. We can significantly find and vote on designs made by different players and win selective in-game prizes for the designs that you have done. It is the intelligent approach to prepare our inventiveness.

There is three first money in the game; money, precious stone and key. We can win money by entering or taking part in challenges; we spend money to purchase furniture and style. Gain keys by voting different players design by the tap on your most loved room layout. Precious stone can be changed over to money or key and furthermore to purchase excellent things. Need to gather all the wonderful stuff? Utilize our Design Home Hack now or download our design home modded apk document.

Known as the Anti-Ban Feature that gives the security of your record, so your own and private information will stay covered up regularly. Like this, there’s no compelling reason to root or escape. Begin playing this game and utilize our Design Home Hack to offer you considerably more fun than you would have ordinarily. For a move in-depth review of the game check it our here.

Virtual Families 2 Hack – Coins & Money Cheats

Virtual Families 2: Our Dream

The game is becoming a mammoth and is spreading in every mobile device.People became crazy behind this game
and are spending a lot of their time in this game every day. It is not just the
only thing, a game should be very much interesting in terms of everything
whether it is about the different levels, characters, variety, complexity,
difficulty in level and some targets to achieve which makes the user, keep
their interest level high in the game.

But there are times where the players got stuck in the game. The reason can be anything, it can be the
difficulty of the level, it can be the loss of assets like coins that people
have used in earlier levels and they are not able to unlock something important
in new level, or it can be a loss of important character, especially in this
Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House game. If the player got stuck in a same
level for longer period, it becomes a reason of getting bored and the player
start to avoid playing the game as it does not provide the player a sense of
achievement any more.

To maintain their sense of achievement and to ease the game a little bit and making it more fun to play.
To do all this in a proper manner, we are here to provide you with some of the Virtual Families 2 cheats that you
might need in your journey in this game to increase your generation and enjoy
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surpass your friends or family member who are secretly in competition with you.
Here we are sharing some of the most required cheats and you will also find the
game hack link from where you can download full game and need not to update it
again and again.

Cheat for Money in Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House Game

Money is what the working force of the whole game. You want to do something, you should have enough money.
Working hard to earn money is a regular and honest way. But, if you want to
enjoy the game and eager to see the other advanced levels, you need to put some
more effort and with the utilization of Virtual families
2 cheats for free bucks. It’s a great online application, it allows you to
generate free money in just about 5 minutes.

The money hack is completely free to use and you can even use this cheating tool without continuously changing
the date of your device to make a fool of your game, which is very irritating
at some point of time as you need to calculate the time difference and then
play in that time and then again return to your current time.

This tool allows you to use the money cheat to hack as much as resource you want for yourself in game and
complete the levels without getting stuck in the same level for a longer
duration. You get a get a link for the money hack application and full game of
Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House here.

Toy Blast Hack – Coins & Points Cheats

Toy Blast is here now! Welcome to your guidelines guide to help you skyrocket those pesky blocks and get some good high ratings in the overall game. We’ll cover the items you should consider plus some methods how to easily defeat stages.

Absorb blocks.

You might or may well not have seen this however the game provides you several suggestions on what your blocks can do. Either shaking and glowing a possible combo that you can explode or by exhibiting you a out type of the sort of special your blocks will become.


When 5 or even more blocks of the same color are attaching, their icon changes and you’ll be able to convert them into a particular ability. Thus giving you a great benefits to clearing the panel quickly.
Combos Specials

Special deals have their stand along potential which is often clearing a chunk of blocks from the panel, or clearing specific lanes of the blocks. Where they really glimmer is when you have the ability to get several specials of varied types together.


They’ll start glowing so this means they are connected, by using one of these, both of the special deals will be merged into a robust stop clearing special. Some special offers don’t automatically induce the other special skills so consider that.

Absorb the loading monitors as it’ll give you suggestions of the possible combo special offers you can certainly do with each one of the special abilities. A number of the better combos in my own view result from linking up with the Rubik cube looking special potential, they typically encourage you with a great deal of blocks being cleared out by this potential.
Clearing Stages

Have a look at your goals menu on the remaining part and then get a good design of your blocks. First you will want to convert as much blocks as possible into special talents, then start clearing female goal targets. Save any effective special on the right aspect club until you get right down to your previous few techniques and you do not think you can make it, and do not have the cash to obtain a few extra goes.

toy-blast-super-comboThe faster you can clear the periods, the more movements you have gone over, when you yourself have moves left the overall game clears the plank with some of its special talents and heightens your stage report by a great deal.
Coin Currency

The coin money found in Toy Blast is very restrictive for a free of charge to learn, player. I would recommend that you possess onto your cash for so long as you can, do not spend them on buying pregame special offers or by purchasing in game level specials. The one times I would recommend using your cash is if you are really jammed on an even and only once you know it can help you effectively clear the level.


Besides linking up with Facebook, really the only other solution to constantly get cash is from the steering wheel spin. The probability of getting cash are low and the cool off for this is each day. So spin the steering wheel each and every time it is up which means you can accumulate special skills and the +10 gold coin currency if you are lucky.
General Guidelines

You may play Toy Blast on facebook if your device is charging and attaching to facebook are certain to get you 25 cash.
Adding friends from facebook will help you to inquire further for extra lives, just do not annoy them with question. This is an improved option than losing your cash on buying lives too!
Make an effort to get a dual Rubik cube special to clear the complete panel of blocks.
The stop you tap to produce a special is where in fact the special capability will be developed.
Tap a particular again to cancel its activation.
Clear maps in as few goes as it can be with combos to attain a 3 legend clear rating for each and every of the areas.
If you opt to buy currency await the deal within the coin icon. The only real pack well worth buying as a milling tool is the 300 gold coin + 2 hour unrestricted lives pack.
Be cautious with failing levels, you lose a life and you merely get back one life every thirty